Identifications: American Revolution and Stamp Act Essay

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Patrick Henry:
• In May 1765, he gave a speech to the House of Burgesses.
• He argued Americans should be treated equally to the English in terms of taxation without representation.
• Virginia assembly should choose which taxes Virginia should pay.
Stamp Act Congress:
• Nine representatives from colonies.
• Appealed to the king and Parliament, petition composed of Americans be indebted "all due subordination" to Parliament.
• They refused to be taxed unless decided by own assembly.
Sons and Daughters of Liberty
• Violent riots began breaking out because of discontent with Stamp Act.
• Considered a terrorist group, attacked anyone who followed the new law.
• Women played a large role, protested, wrote literature.
John Dickinson: “Letters From a Farmer”
• Protested the Townshend Acts in his Twelve Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer
• Argued that Parliament had no right to tax for revenue.
Samuel Adams and James Otis
• Samuel Adams-primary leader of Boston Massacre.
• Argued against British oppression, American only had virtuous people.
Albany Plan of Union
• First time colonies came united against a common enemy: the French and its Indian allies.
• Benjamin Franklin wanted one primary government.
Proclamation of 1763 and Peace of Paris 1763
• Created due to fear of violence and discontinuing trade with the west.
• The British liked this Law because it gave them power and prevented controversy with Indian tribes.
Pontiacs Rebellion
• Pontiac leader of the Ottowa tribe, concerned with English settlers moving into their land past the Appalachian Mountains.
• Blankets infected with small pox, most of them are killed off, forcing the Ottowa to be unsuccessful
Sugar Act (1764):
• Created to abolish illegal trade between colonies and