Identify Components Of Fitness For Selected Sport

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Task number
Assessment Objective
Subject Title
N/A - give a break down of what your portfolio will include and what you hope to achieve. Give a background into the area of personal training
PARQ test with client
Find an appropriate PARQ test online and complete it with your client
Task 1 - Fitness testing, recording and analysis
AO1 (8 marks)
Knowledge of Sport / Activity
Analyse the different components of fitness required for your clients sports / activity and assess their importance to the performance of your client.
Identify components of fitness for selected sports and explain.

Demonstrate knowledge by selecting appropriate tests to measure different components of fitness (try to get two or three tests per component).

Outline risk assessment for fitness testing.

Display knowledge of test protocols, validity (is it a useful test? What is it used to measure? Why is it a good test to use?) and reliability (can you trust this test to give accurate results? What factors need to be kept constant in order for the test to be repeated to obtain fair results each time?)

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of first aid.

AO2 (16 marks)
Performing and Recording
Select, perform and record a series of appropriate fitness tests to measure performance in this sport / activity.
Review and select appropriate fitness tests to measure performance. What components of fitness will you be working on improving? Select one test for each of the chosen components. Explain why you have selected the test. Refer back to AO1 when explaining the tests.

Perform a number of tests to measure performance. When writing up each test make sure to include safety measures, risk assessment, warm up used, reference to AO1 protocol and test result. Also remember to include any discussions you may have had with your client either before or after the test.

Monitor, record and present fitness test results. This should be done in a table format which is easy to read and review.

Review and apply safety requirements during fitness testing. In this section remember to include such things as importance of a correct warm up, is their first aid and someone to administer it present, are drinks to be provided, what things need to be considered in relation to the test area (floor area, surface?), correct nutrition before and after the test to prevent illness / fainting.

AO3 (6 marks)
Evaluate the results of the fitness tests.
Assess the importance of the different components of fitness. How is each component of fitness important to your clients performance in their chosen sport / activity? What are their fitness requirements?

Analyse and evaluate the results of fitness tests. Try to include visual aids.
Discuss strengths, weaknesses (as identified by the results) in performance.
Task 2 - Planning, performing and evaluating a fitness programme
AO1 (8 marks)
Knowledge of planning and training methods
Identify realistic and achievable training goals.
Display knowledge, understanding and selection of training methods to improve your clients performance.
Assess individual requirements (resources, facilities, equipment, diet, hydration).
Outline risk assessment for fitness programme.
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of first aid.

AO2 (24 marks)
Application of planning and performing
Identify clients current level of fitness from test results.
Identify realistic and achievable training goals.
Demonstrate the ability to plan and follow individual session plans and follow the required safety guidelines to complete the training programme effectively.
Apply periodisation and progression overload to the plan.
Perform warm-up / cool down and work safely.
Apply training methods.
Select and apply an effective evaluation method.
Review each completed session.

AO3 (8