Identify One Person Who Has/Had Or Is Having Positive Influence On Your Life

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Iris Katheriny Sargent
Personal Mission Statement
Assignment # 1
Week # 1
Course GS 1140 Problem Solving
Instructor Mr. Michael Annichiarico

1. Identify one person who has/had or is having positive influence on your life. What are the qualities you most admire in this person? What qualities did you gain from this person?

- The person who has been a positive influence on my life is my Mother. - The qualities that I most admire in her are determination, kindness, compassion, selflessness, honesty, forgiveness, hardworking, cooperative, brave and sense of humor. - Some of the many qualities that I have gained from having her as my Mother are loyalty, sympathy, Charity, compassion, and integrity.

2. Imagine yourself 20 years in the future. You have achieved everything you hope to achieve. List your accomplishments. - Provide for my Mother. - Work for a major Billing and Coding Company. - Master in Health Care Management. - Buy a house. - Have a secure job.

3. What are the ten things most regarding to you today?

- Being able to complete my education. - Having my husband by my side supporting my goals. - Proud that I have served my country. - Provide for my daughter. - Have the time to go school and be a Mom. - My family. - My health. - Getting good grades. - My mother.

4. Review what have you written. Circle the key ideas/words/phrases/that you want to include in your mission statement. Draft your mission