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Identify the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your subject and the type of organisation within which you would like to work.
As a trainer working within the work based learning sector there are a number of legislative requirements and codes of practice in which I have to follow. As our ranges of courses vary which include Plant Operating, Forklift Operations, Manual Handling, NRSWA (Streetworks), Confined Spaces, and Safety in the workplace.
My duties are to interview and assess potential candidates onto our courses I have to take into account a number of laws and legislations which include the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) as it “Makes it unlawful to discriminate against disabled people both in respect of Employment, Education…”. This was amended in 2001 to include SENDA (2001) and “providers of post-16 education and related services” [Accessed: 19/02/09]. The lluk standards cover a whole range of legislations and codes of practice for working within the lifelong learning sector.
Another main legislative laws and codes of practice that I have to follow is The Race Relations Act (1976), the terms of which are similar to the Sex Discrimination Act (1975).
I also have Equality and Diversity guidelines in which to follow as we “intend to eliminate discrimination, promote equal opportunities and build good relations both within and outside of the Company” Along with the Data Protection Act (1988) which also