Essay on Identify What You See as the Main Purpose of Security Management and Discuss What Is Meant by the Statement That ‘Security Measures Must Be Commensurate with the Threat’.

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Identify what you see as the main purpose of security management and discuss what is meant by the statement that ‘security measures must be commensurate with the threat’.
"Security is everyone’s business" Which is the point I would like to conclude with at the end of my essay? Yet the assignment poses two questions, the first highlights the term 'Security Management' which is fundamental towards the second question that focuses on the importance in identifying the proportionate and appropriate balance between the right security measures to the right threat. I would like to at first give my interpretation of 'Security Management' by discussing each word on their own merits before moving onto the latter.
What is Security?
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To be employed in such a position will therefore generally result in the individual having showed some previous experience in the sector beforehand and being recognized and identified to be suitable for a management position with the ability to drive incentives forward and fundamentally meet the expectations and match the correct proportionality of response to the threat. In addition, I think it is important to note that security management is also there to provide structure and a position of authority so accountability can be taken if the ‘wheel falls off’.
Below is an illustration of a typical risk assessment cycle;
1. Identifying the threat/risk
2. Considering appropriate options
3. Utilizing suitable resources to meet this demand
4. Action your response
5. Re-access
Having discussed my views on Security Management and its key position within the industry, I finally, but by no means least, wish to discuss with you the importance of making an effective and balanced decision which is commensurate to the threat. The very nature of just reacting to a situation will not give resolution to the problem; in fact it could very well make the matter worse. So it is important to consider your options, making the right balanced decision will have an impact whether positive or not. Whatever the impact, it needs to be said that considerations have to be made in a number of areas. Such areas to