Essay about Identify the Current Lgislations, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Safegaurding the Welfare of Children and Young People

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Identify the current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people including e-safety
Children Act 1989
This Act identifies the responsibilities of parents and professionals who must work to ensure the safety of the child. This Act includes two important sections which focus specifically on child protection. Section 47 states that the Local Authority has ‘a duty to investigate when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm’. Section 17 states that services must be put into place to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare of children within the area who are in need’.

The Education Act 2002
This sets out the
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The National Society for the Protection of Children (NSPCC)
The NSPCC is a third-sector (charitable) organisation. Its role, as its name suggests, is to work to protect children from harm. The NSPCC is the only third-sector organisation (charity) which has the statutory power, alongside the police and children’s social services, to take action when children are at risk of abuse. The NSPCC also:

provides services to support families and children

provides a helpline for people to call who are worried about a child

provides a helpline for children in distress or danger

raises awareness of abuse, for example, through advertising and training materials

works to influence the law and social policy to protect children better

shares expertise with other professionals.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) was launched in 2008 in response to concerns about Internet safety. Its role is to safeguard children in relation to this issue. The Council has produced a strategy to increase awareness of Internet safety, set out measures to protect children from unsuitable sites and establish codes of practice.

The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)
The LSCB have particular roles and responsibilities to oversee the work of other agencies. The Board is made up from experts