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Three major features of Judaism In the Jewish faith the Sabbath is to be kept holy no work is allowed from sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday. The reason they observe the Sabbath is God created the heavens and earth in six days and rested on the seventh. During the Sabbath they eat special food like the breaded bread named challah this is a time for worshiping, feasting and visiting. To become a member of the community youths must go through a religious rite, for boys this is called a bar mitzvah. Boys with become a “son of the commandment” at a special ceremony the boy will read from the Torah something he has prepared, and possibly give a speech. Depending on whether you are orthodox or not the girls may have what is called a bat mitzvah . When someone of the Jewish faith dies this will be the beginning of a seven day mourning called shiva. At the home of the deceased all the mirrors will be covered . People gather at the home and a collection of prayers called Kaddish are recited. Family members will mourn for a full year avoiding parties and festive occasions.
Two positive aspects of Judaism Jewish people are very generous and giving they are a kind hearted people. I have known several people of the Jewish faith over the years some orthodox and some not, and all are very generous with their time especially if you ask about the religion. I have always been very curious about different religions and I am never afraid to ask people about theirs. They are always open and seem to make time that they may not of had before to share it with you. Jewish religion like Christianity believes in the afterlife. They believe that when you live a good life by the Jewish religion in the afterlife you can walk with Moses and discuss the Torah which was first give to him by God. I believe most of us would like to believe that there is life after death.
Do you believe people are discriminated due to religion or political affiliation? I do believe people are discriminated against due to their religion and for me I think it is mostly due to ignorance. People are scared of what they do not understand. I personally love to hear