Identifying Personal Strengths Essay

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Strategies for the Technical Professional Module 2 Lab 2.1
Identifying Personal Strengths
Using the four –letter- score, my personality type was identified as the following:
E (extroverted)
N (Intuitive)
T ( Thinking)
J (Judging)
Some of the characteristics in my personality that I have recognized are as follows:
During my daily activities I am constantly thinking of others and how they may feel. I enjoy making people happy and will sacrifice my own comfort to make others happy. There have been several instances where I will do things or go places that I over wise don’t enjoy but will do these things if others wanted to. For instances, I really do not like romantic movies. My wife enjoys going to the theater to see these types of movies. To make her happy, I will sit through hours of romance so she could enjoy her free time.
I take the feelings of others into consideration and generally care about how people feel. When taking on projects or assignments at work, I like things to be correct and neat. I do not like things to be out of order or cluttered. I like to be early for appointments or activities that have been scheduled. I feel that if I am early then I am never late.
To capitalize on my strengths I must stay focused. I must always remember that what I may say or do could affect how someone feels. I must always be polite and respectful to others and remember what is most important to me. I want to be