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Identifying Satire What is satire?
Pointing out someones flaws using humor
Part I: Identifying Satire in Illustrations
Choose a satirical illustration and write a 5-7 sentence reflection. What is the purpose of this photo?
How does the artist use humor? What issue are they trying to highlight? What type of change do they want their audience to make?
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

The humor in the illistration of option 1 is that people are wiling to judge all these other people from the comfort of their home, when they are actually the ones who are just sitting there and being lazy.
The issue he is trying to highlight is that in this world, everyone likes to be in each others business, when we really should be minding our own. He also is highlighting that these people are always watching you and they are always quick to judge, and say something. The change that he want’s th eaudience to make is to go outside in the world and interact with people, and don’t just sit at home and watch and judge through your computer screen.
Part II: Onion Article
1. What are some of the larger issues that the journalist is trying to highlight?
He is trying to highlight that when students read the cliff notes teachers could already tell, so it’s a stupid thing to do if your teacher can tell that you haven’t actually read what you were suppose to read, and some of the information is different.
2. What type of action or change does the journalist want to see in his/her readers?

He wants to show that students shouldn’t read the summary on things or cliff notes but if they read the actual text not only will they learn more but they will better understand what is going on.
Part III: Vocabulary
1. Find the following words in Twain’s humorous satire and highlight them if you haven’t done so already. 2. Working independently, create your own definition in the MY GUESS column. Refer directly to the text to decode the meaning.
3. Finally, use a dictionary and define the words in the DEFINITION column. Was your definition correct? Word




Encouraging someone

Intended for instruction; instructive.


To hurry up

To implore urgently

To say something mean

Chiefly Old World oscine birds


Self-restrained; not extreme in opinion



onstant and earnest effort to
accomplish what is undertake



High station, rank

Calm, Comfortable

Extending high in the air



False statement


To look at something from another point of view

ommandment or
direction given as a rule of action or conduct



Part IV: Advice to Youth Guided Questions

Who is the target audience? Students/Kids

2. Why is obeying the best policy, in Twain’s opinion? because then it creates less stress because there will be less problems between you and your family

What superstition (common belief) do parents have according to Twain?
That everything they say is right no matter if we think they are wrong, we just must listen and obey.


How does Twain instruct the youth to avoid violence?
If he says something that might be offensive he apologizes and says h didn’t mean it to be like tha


Why is lying bad?
Because eventually with time the truth always comes out no matter what, and when the truth does come out everyone will start to look at you differently

6. How is lying a great art?
Because you are creating a whole new world/story with your mind, something hat is fictional you are brining it to life just like art

What is