Essay on Identifying Sentence Parts

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At: Preposition Camp Bradford: Object of the preposition, Compound Noun Last: adverb, Summer: adverb Mrs. Jenks: Subject Taught: Action Verb, Transitive Me: Indirect Object, Objective Pronouns Three: adjective Skills: direct object To: Infinitive, Preposition Identifying: gerund Leaves: Object of the Gerund Tying: Gerund Knots: Object of the Gerund And: Correlative Conjunction Making: Gerund Pottery: Object of the Gerund
Declaratory, Simple Sentence, Past Tense
At camp Bradford last summer, mrs. Jenks learned taught me three skills: to identifying leaves, tying knots, and making pottery.

We: Nominative Pronoun, Plural, First Person, Simple Subject Are: Helping Verb, Simple Predicate Planning: Action Verb, Transitive To Drive: Infinitive Phrase, Object of Phrase Down: Preposition Shipster Blvd: In Bangor: Adverb Prepositional Phrase The: Definite Article Town: Noun Where: Subordinating Conjunction Dad: Proper noun Used: Action Verb To Live: Transitive Direct Object, Prepositional Phrase
Declaratory, Compound-Complex, Present Progressive, First Person
We’re planning to drive down shipster blvd. in bangor, the town where Dad used to live.

My: Singular, 1st Person, Possessive Pronoun Brother: Common Noun, Simple Subject Said: Action, Transitive Verb That: Indefinite Pronoun, Direct Object While: Subordinating, Conjunction He: 3rd Person, Masculine, Singular, Nominative Pronoun Was: Helping Verb Lying: Intransitive, Action Verb, Past Progressive In: Preposition The: Definite Article Sun: Adverb Object of the Prepositional Phrase Read: Transitive Verb Short: Story: Moment Of Protest: Appositive, Proper Noun
My brother he said that while he was lying in the sun, he read the short story “Moment of Protest.”

My: Singular, 1st Person, Possessive Pronoun Parents: Common Noun , Plural And: Coordinating Conjunction I:1st Person, Singular, Nomnitive Pronoun Took: Transitive, Action Verb A: Indefinite Article Short: Adjective Trip: Direct Object, Common Noun Last: Adverb April: Proper Adverb To Eat: Infinitive, Adverb At: Preposition Ishnala: Adverb, Object of the Preposition A: Restaurant: Appositive, Common Noun Reviewed: Participle Used As Adjective In: Preposition The: Definite Article Lake: Delton: Tribune: Compound Proper Noun, Adverb
Simple, First Person, Past, Declarative Sentence
My parents and I took a short trip last April to eat at Ishnala, a restaurant reviewed in the Lake Delton Tribune.

Yes Dan, the phone ringed at three o’clock in the morning; it was a wrong number.

We visited the U.S. Treasury department in Washington and the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Dad led us into a large, dark cave; we ate lunch there and sang songs.
Dad: Simple Subject, Proper Noun Led: Transitive Verb Us: Singular, 1st Person, Possessive Pronoun Into: Preposition A: Indefinite Article Large: Dark: Cave: Common Noun, Object of the Preposition We: Plural, 1st Person, Pronoun Ate: Action Verb Lunch: Common Noun There: And: Conjunction Sang: Verb Songs: Common Noun

No, he doesn’t think the phone rang this evening.

Between: Preposition You: 2nd Person, Object Pronoun And: