Essay on Identifying a Operating System

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Adrian Fisher 6-20-14

Identifying Operating System Not quite sure on how to start this lab submission but I was asked to identify the operating system in my lab computer. My operating system that my computer is using is Windows 7. I was asked to talk about five features of my operating system. The five features I will talk about are Libraries, Microsoft Office, the control panel, Internet Explorer, and Windows sidebar.

The first thing I would like to talk about is the LIBRARY part of my computer which is probably my favorite component. The library in my opinion is what makes everything neat inside of your computer as far as your documents, pictures, music and video’s. It keeps everything separate versus all of those things just being in one really big folder. Not to mention my computer has a quick launch at the bottom of the screen. Talk about convenience.

Next is Microsoft Office. This is a really big help when it comes to business and school. Inside of this one folder it houses about 10 different applications. I haven’t really mastered all 10 but I’m pretty good with the main three which are Microsoft excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft word. With these three alone it makes any presentation a professional and efficient one. The other programs may be just as important to but I’m not quite as familiar as I am with those three.

Adrian Fisher 6-20-14

One of the most important functions of any computer is the