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GEOG 209-14B Assignment 1: Online space and the body
GEOG209-14B (HAM) - Contemporary Cultural Geographies
4:30 PM Assignment 1: On-line space and ‘the body’ (this assignment will be discussed in class. It is based on (but not exactly the same as) Exercise 4 outlined on page 62 of your textbook Social Geographies). Spend some time over a period of a few days in an on-line space such as on a social networking site (e.g. Facebook), Skyping, blogging, in an on-line forum, emailing, posting/commenting on a YouTube video, or gaming.

Reflect critically on exactly what is going on in this on-line space. In your essay address the following questions:
Which on-line space have you chosen and why?
What social relations are taking place in this space?
Who else is occupying your chosen space (think about real people, avatars, on-line personas)?
How do the other people in this on-line space represent themselves?
How do you choose to construct your own identity in this on-line space and why?
How are your on-line and off-line identities similar and/or different and why? While this assignment is based primarily on your own experiences and observations while on-line
I would also like you to make reference to the work of authors who have discussed issues such as identity, bodies, on-line spaces, virtual worlds, gaming etc.. A list of useful sources will be posted on Moodle.
As you prepare and write your essay, drawing on these sources of literature, remember to think about issues such as age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, body size/shape and (dis)ability. Assessment criteria
In order to be eligible for top marks you need to:
Communicate relevant ideas in written form;
Devise a clear argument and focus as you address the questions;
Demonstrate an ability to draw on published literature (not just on-line information). I suggest you cite at least six sources of published material.
Provide a critical analysis of the ways in which your on-line identity and off-line or ‘real’ identity are connected;
Demonstrate an ability to write clearly, proof-read work and present ‘clean’ copy, and follow protocols for referencing material (see ‘A Manual of Methods and Styles for Geography, REP and Tourism’ available outside the administrator's office). This piece of work should be 1500 words in total. Submit hard-copy to FIC.

GEOG209-14B (HAM) - Contemporary Cultural Geographies
GEOG 209-14B Assignment 1: Online space and the body



ISSUE – Why its important, whats important about Instagram. Age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, body size/shape and (dis)ability are the issues that

EXAMPLE - Instagram


As stated, computer is a matrix for various forms of representation and communication. Ours is not only the Age of the Internet but also the age of the digital, visual representation JOURNAL 2.
Instagram is a social online space that relates to the body because of its photo sharing application. The internet is rapidly becoming a space of two and three dimensional graphics. Instagram is an online venue which demonstrated why people use online spaces and why it was important to those people using it. This essay is based on the prevalence of body and space, and the role online-spaces influence the way we can represent. First this essay highlights the boundaries of this on-line space. Second this essay considers, the function of sharing your pictures to the world for expression of your own imaginative constitution. Third it will demonstrate how images through the use of technology raises the issue of identity. Last it will evaluate the global outlook of this online-space.

As stated, I will find my Idyll more a true ideal, only if I can populate it with plants from another side of the world---GLOBALIZING INTIMACY You are in a world or page that is created by yourself. There is a seal of approval