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My name is Sergio Peraza. I am from Cuba, and I have been in Lancaster, PA, since last December, 2011. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Mormon, but also I am a Christian, a good son, grandson, and brother. I try to be a good student, worker, and boyfriend. I have learned that Jesus Christ lives and He loves us. His authority is upon the earth today. We have a prophet, apostles and leaders who guide us through His divine power. I believe in miracles, resurrection, and eternal life. Part of our faith is following the commandants that Jehovah gave to Moses. There are two important commandments, hard to understand in our days: the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. Sometimes, I have felt defensive when my friends have a different opinion from me on why I choose to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and coffee, or regarding sexual purity. With my lifestyle I have never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable, but I have had to explain why this is my choice, and I have enjoyed sharing with them about all the blessings that they could receive as well as what the Heavenly Father gives me.
The Lord revealed the Word of Wisdom to the first Prophet Joseph Smith in 1883. In this revelation we are warned to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea, illegal drugs, and other harmful or addictive substances. This commandment teaches that we should eat sparingly meat, grains, fruits and vegetables. I remember the first time when I hung out with my friends, who drink; they believed me to be a boring person. One day I was at a party with two friends, and of course they got drunk while I did not. I had driven there because we lived very far away. At the party, I was lauded by all our friends because I am a good dancer, and everyone wanted to follow my choreography. In the course of the evening, I drank cocktails, piña coladas, and sangrias, all of these but without alcohol. These drinks were so delicious and with vivid colors that made me happy. The next day everyone got a headache and had a really bad time except me. I explained to them that the Word of Wisdom will improve our physical and spiritual well-being and that this commandment helps us to have a healthier body and mind. One of my friends understood me, and she changed her life a lot in a good way, but the other one has not done so, and three years ago she drank every day and could not get a job.
Another source of happiness in my life is the Law of Chastity. This commandment requires that sexual relations be reserved just for marriage between a man and a woman. In addition, we obey the Law of Chastity by controlling our thoughts, words, and actions. I am not embarrassed