Essay Identity: Dream and Loud Victorious Melody

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Many people are able to identify their identity in various ways. Identity is referred to as “a set of characteristics or description that distinguishes a person from another.”(OED). In fact, I can define my identity using an object, a definition, and the lyrics to a song. A major part of my identity is patriotism, and an item that would best represent it is the lambi (conch) shell. In Haiti, the conch shell is considered a symbolic element, as it was used in Haiti’s revolt against the French. Haitians united all their fellowmen by blowing in the end of the shell, which made a loud victorious melody; much like how I’ve sounded throughout the years when I spoke before the masses about Haitian Rights. Growing up, I was always very interested and concerned about the state of my culture and people, which is why I eventually became a revolutionist. For many years, I congregated my people and we rallied for justice, equality, and rights. Quite like the lambi shell, I am known for my courageous work and my patriotism to my country. Another aspect of my identity can be described by words. There are many words that can correlate well with my identity; however, if you were to ask me to come up with only one that describes it best, my response would be and. As bizarre as it sounds, the word and defines me seamlessly. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word and means “simply connective.” Think about it. What better word than one that connects all related words? I am many things of which and can join. I am beautiful and intelligent and charismatic and headstrong and loving and diverse and much more. In addition, and is often used by people who tend to talk a great deal; coincidentally, I just so happen to be one of those people. And just universally and perfectly articulates my identity. Undoubtedly, another facade of my identity is wishful thinking. I have always been a dreamer, which is definitely a very important part of my identity. This portion of my identity is reflected by the lyrics of the song “Dreams,” sung by Ashanti. The song states “dreams