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Anecia Lopez
COM 110-Messer
Identity Essay

In an article on interpersonal relationships at work, writer Stephen R. Covey expresses the need for work to done as quickly as possible, especially in todays corporate world. In order for this to be possible, interpersonal relationships are necessary. I interpersonal relationship is a relationship involving two or more people, strangers, acquaintances or fellow passengers who view each other as equal, these types of relationships vary in levels of intimacy. While at ones workplace, healthy interpersonal relationships, effective communication and teamwork all go hand in hand. Just as a team of colleagues' work can prove to be more successful when healthy relationships are present, relationships can benefit by working as a team. In his article, Stephen states that interpersonal relationships help workers have a mutual understanding between themselves. My manager David and I maintain a excellent interpersonal relationship while at work; many factors though, play into the effectiveness of it. Stephen Covey believes everything at the office depends on good relationships between employees and the management. Because David and I maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship at work, everything runs much more smoothly than it would if we didn't. When there is a large line of people waiting to check out at the front register, the cashier will call out "IC3" on the intercom. This notifies all other employees that back up is needed immediately at the registers. If I see that the front cashier and I will be enough to clear the line that has built up and Dave is walking up to help as well, I will let him know we have it covered before he makes it all the way up to the front of the store. By doing this, I am showing him my willingness to do a undesirable task so he doesn't have to. Serving as backup also allows Dave to get back to his project for the day, increasing our productivity that is needed for the businesses success. On the contrary, if Dave and I did not posses the relationship that we do, frequent IC3s may disrupt or even stunt work from being done. This would be true because without the line of communication we have due maintaining a interpersonal relationship, I probably would not understand that little actions like covering IC3s myself would help him get his work done much faster. Covey also tells us healthy professional relations can be maintained by effective workplace communication and teamwork. He goes on to say it is proven fact that if you need to reach a goal or target, you necessarily have to work together in a team. Without effective interpersonal communication, there will not be a smooth and clear flow of ideas, resulting in confusion. At the beginning of each shift, Dave discusses clearly with me what needs to be done. While discussing projects on that agenda, Dave gives clear explanations of what needs to be done and instruction on how to do it. Somedays, a "reset" somewhere on the floor will need to be done. A reset is where you literally reset a section of the store. This includes: taking products out, putting new ones in, moving products to other areas and hanging all new price tags when finished. In the article, Covey also says that by sharing what you have recently accomplished or found out, creates a feeling of openness in a interpersonal relationship. If a reset has been started, David effectively communicates to me what has been done so far and by whom. By providing me with this information, not only do I have a better understanding of what is going on, but I feel more comfortable and confident knowing exactly what needs to be done. After asking and answering any questions I may have, Dave and I begin working on projects in accordance with whatever plan we agree upon. Deciding to work together or alone typically depends on whether or not one will need the others assistance and how many other projects need to be completed that day. A few traits brought out