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Family. Normally people grow up with their family, we seeing each other every day and their behaviours will influence on us. Family is the majority of our life, the cultures and common value are influence on us when kid and it gradually build our personality until one day we start to think independently. People said ‘parent is the first teacher of their child’ this is true because when you are young, we don’t have the ability to think individually yet and child are often ‘copy’ what they see every day, they will practice it and let it become a habit. When we become an adult, our behaviour and identity can reflex our childhood.
Environment (the city we live). Where we live often influence and shape our identity. Different city or country have different culture and uniqueness, therefore the people who live in this city might be affected. People who live in the Asia area are often shyer compare to the people who live in western city because the cultural heritage therefore the environment is contribute to ours. It’s often see that a people move from the country to city will become much alike to the ‘city people’ such as the way you talk, the clothes you wear and the way to dealing things. That is because your identity is shaped by the environment and we are influence by the surrounding.
We belong to a certain group define ourselves. Not everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging, but when we choose to belong, that’s because we feel safe and comfortable and in fact the