Identity In Hailie's Song

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Our identity is constantly undergoing change in a fluid-like motion. Different situations that we’ve dealt with influences the person we’ve become today, we were before, and we will become in the future. Eminem’s song, “Hailie’s Song,” was written after his divorce from his ex-wife, Kim, and the battle undergone for him to receive custody of Hailie. He is consistently conflicted about who he is and questions his worth of living, but through the social penetration theory, the risk of self-disclosure, and the close relationship Eminem shares with his daughter, he comes to a revelation of his identity as a father and a rapper. Through this song, Eminem confesses his struggle in finding the importance of life. His core thoughts are conveyed in …show more content…
People who do not understand what is really happening ridicule Eminem. As his private life is being shown through paparazzi and his harsh songs express his true feelings, he gains a negative reputation of himself. “People make jokes ‘cause they don’t understand” him. “They don’t see [his] real side.” People only see the side of him that media displays. Non-supporters attack Eminem, and although he acts indifferent, “inside it drives [him] crazy.” As a known “drug-addict,” he faces the difficulties and the constant questioning of his right as a parent. He even questions himself if he should “just give up or try to live up to those expectations” that people have placed upon him. Other’s feedback had affected his identity of self. Their consistent doubt had shadowed on him and he is unsure of who he really is and who he can become. His close relationship with his daughter had cleared any uncertainty. He “got [his] baby” after a difficult divorce and to him it doesn’t “feel like the world’s on [his’] shoulders” anymore. No one else can fill the role of his daughter and nothing else matters for him but her. Eminem is emotionally attached to her and feels much happier with her. He continues to tell people through the song that daddy “ain’t goin’ nowhere.” He’ll always be there for Hailie and she will be there for him no matter