Identity In Harry Potter

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It is hard to have a sense of importance when we don’t know who we are. When we don’t know who we are we struggle to belong within ourselves and those around us. This struggle is what causes individuals to move on to seek an identity or this struggle can result from loss of tradition or changes to certain roles in our lives. Identity and belonging are concepts which complement one another and a balance between the two is crucial.
To belong is to have a rightful place within a group or community and to possess a sense of identity is to be identical, to be established as a specified being. These two concepts are ones in which their complexity is what separates us from the millions of those who inhabit this Earth. Ray Lawler’s play ‘Summer of
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Due to this, he continues to not know who he is or who is meant to be. Like Nancy, this pushes Harry to want to attend the School of Hogwarts once he discovers his parents attended there and he feels that’s where he will belong most and find himself. It’s once he attends that he develops his identity of a wizard once belonging within the Hogwarts community. Although individuals may become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, it does not mean it’s where they truly belong. A struggle to have a strong sense of identity also arises when traditions are …show more content…
This causes a struggle to belong within his own family as his wife begins to resent him for the fact that he is unable to provide for his family as he seen as the main one who should be. He starts to feel displaced among society as he is removed from his family and home and this struggle to belong causes an imbalance with identity. He starts to lose his gain identity of a competent husband and Father and begins to be unsure of who is at all. He does not find himself again until he realises a way in which he is able to provide for his son, it is once he does that his sense of belonging and identity is regained. This shows that a balance between identity and belonging is