Identity In The Great Gatsby

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In the eyes of many, the American Dream displays signs of hope, prosperity, and happiness. The achievable, realistic desire to accomplish a goal. This dream would establish a new beginning for those with little faith. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby renewed his life attempting to achieve his American Dream by changing his identity to obtain his elaborate reputation and gain the attention of the beautiful Daisy.
In addition, what is the American Dream? A goal that can achieved through the wealth of a person or a discovery of new identity that leads to a more promising life. Jay Gatsby discards his previous life, and ‘purchases’ a new one just to catch the eye of the beloved Daisy. Nick Carraway, the narrator and main character of the story, depicts Gatsby to be "something glorious" and is consumed with "some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life"(8). Although little does he comprehend, Gatsby’s identity is shaded like a mask over a young woman’s face. Throwing flashy parties and parading his wealth, only to magnify his persona.
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This symbol measures the distance between Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby purposefully purchases his mansion in East Egg to be across from Daisy’s occupancies. Anticipating Daisy will journey over to East Egg and attend Gatsby’s parties. The Green Light signifies Gatsby urge to gain Daisy’s interest, but the bond Daisy holds with another man barricades him. Therefore, Gatsby goes through various lengths to talk to Daisy. Inviting her over to his mansion to present his many valuables, and to display his affection towards her. He is oblivious to the trouble he puts others through, just acquiring Daisy’s