Essay on Identity Is Receive, Not Achieved

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Maricris B. Maat
B.S. Accountancy
13 – 1 – 92721

Topic: Identity
Audience: Teenagers
Occasion: Youth Camp
Objective: To enlighten the audience about their identities

Identity is Received and Not Achieved

A wonderful day to the very beautiful and handsome young people that is present here today! My name is Cris and I would like to tell you guys something that is a relevant issue in our society today. Now, I would appreciate it very much if you would lend me your ears for a brief twenty minutes of my speech regarding our identity.

What is it about identity that makes it an interesting topic about young people these days? As young as you are, your identity today would make a really big impact on who you will be in the future. Of course that includes your future careers and family. But that’s not the problem that we will address today. We are going to talk about the source of your identity.

There are many reasons in this world that can greatly influence our identity. It could be the way we lived in the past, the environment in which we live, or the name of the university where we study. There are also these “identity-influencers” that are somehow related to numbers, like for example, the financial status of our family, the number of gadgets that we own or even the number of friends we have. Sometimes we even let our looks define our identity. It’s pretty crazy to think that due to the technological advancement of our society today, some people define their own identities through the use of social networking sites the likes of Facebook or Twitter, or worse, through the use of Adobe Photoshop or Instagram. (Just a friendly reminder to young people: don’t let technology define who you are, okay?). The common denominator between all these factors is that they are all about achieving a person’s identity. Young people these days want to prove that…