Essay on Identity: Social Network Service and Fake Identity

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Friendster are all examples of exciting places on the internet where one can explore new people. Social networking sites are used to share information about who you are with the rest of the world. However, not all personal information is true. Creating a fake identity using social networks is becoming very popular in today’s society. Many people decide to make a profile with false personal information about them to meet a significant other, fulfill their desire to be someone they are not, and for the satisfaction of a new start.
With all the available technology, a large amount of people use the online world to find that one person who they can have an intimate relationship with but they create a fake profile to do so. Fake online profiles are used to attract the opposite gender by creating the “ideal” identity which one may perceive as attractive or outstanding. People today may resort to being in an online relationship especially living in a world where we humans highly rely on each other and nobody ever wants to feel lonely. Low self-esteem is a factor as to why people enter online relationships with a fake profile. It is because they feel as if no one will like them if they were to expose who they really are and what they actually look like. A fake profile creates an identity that does not exist which is very similar to a disguise that people use to simply find love.
It is our nature, as human beings to strive to be a better person. This can lead one to the desire of being someone they are not. To fulfill this desire, a fake identity is created only for the sole purpose of fitting the characteristics of a likable person in hopes of gaining more friends. Another popular reason for wanting to be someone else has to do with imitating or mimicking the personality of a superior figure. When one is strongly driven to be someone they are not, it is common for them to change their identity using online profiles.
Forgetting the past is an extremely hard task to accomplish especially when it involves an illegal or a morally wrong situation. In this case, people resort to a fresh start and a new beginning. Unfortunately, the easiest way to a fresh start is a