Identity: Talk Radio and People Essay

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The Effect of Anonymity on Identity My identity changes with my audience. I take on different identities for all the different people I talk to in my life. I am going to talk about how the internet affects the way people present themselves. When people are anonymous they get to do anything without any repercussions what kind of person will they choose to be. If you give someone the ability to be anonymous what with they do with it. Some people just want to be able to do anything without having to deal with consequences. Other will still be kind and helpful even though they have the anonymity of the internet. Just because when you meet someone for the first time you are both anonymous doesn’t mean that you couldn’t get to know them and become friends. One of my identities that is important to me is my identity as a gamer. I spend a good amount of my free time gaming. There are wide verity of people who play games and getting to talk is always interesting. One thing people think about the communication in gaming is how so many people are just trash takers and just want to put other people down. In my experience most people don’t talk in game that much. I believe that playing Xbox online show you what some people will say when they are anonymous. People that don’t play games online think that the people who make gaming look bad are the only people who are in gaming community. I think that the negative view on gaming comes from only seeing the people who are talking down to other people. That’s because the people are just having a casual conversation are in a group chat with their friends. The gaming community isn’t bad it just the people in the community how are bad are the ones given the spotlight. I play games that people will play very competitively in a game like that everyone talks to the people they are playing with and try to help each other. It all depends on where you look if you see the best in gaming the worst of the gaming community. Looking from the outside the gaming community has a bad look because the people that het heard are the worst that gaming has to offer and shouldn’t be the face of gaming. Not everyone uses the anonymity of the internet to just talking mindlessly without consequence. I have used forums as a way to help get me started in new hobbies and there are always people that are willing to help. I will go onto forums for help and use other people experience to further my own knowledge. I have been interested in computers for a while. When I first started to take an interest in computers I wasn’t sure where I should start or what to learn first. People from forums are the reason I know so much about computers I they make me want to learn more. I started going to technology forums to get some advice about what a beginner should learn first. Most of the people on a forums are there because they have a passion for whatever forum is about. This means that most of what is post is very nicely written and seems to be something that can be trusted. For me it seemed that people were open and helpful to new members and they enjoy seeing new people coming into their community and help it grow. People on forums seem to be fairly polite even though they are anonymous. After the experiences that I have had with forums I would recommend that anyone getting into something new you should find a group that could help a new comer get into something. With so many people who are willing to