The Seven Factors That Influence The Growth Of College Students

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Different Identities Arthur Chickering’s theory of student development describes 7 vectors that influence the growth of college students. Over the period of time a student spends in college, can help make that student become who they become. Managing emotions, establishing identity, and developing purpose are three of the seven identities Chickering describes. Identity is what helps make a person who they are or become, sometimes it can either be for the good or for the bad. Learning how to manage your emotions can take a turn for the worse or for the better. Quite a few times it does take a turn for the worse with most students. It has been said that when a student moves away from home and onto college it is a big adjustment, they are on their own, responsibility grows, and they become more independent. All of those come with emotions, such as anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, etc. These emotions can derail a student’s education to the point where they become on academic probation, lose their scholarships, and maybe even have to quit school. Students have to learn how to manage their emotions; there are many ways to do that. Students can go to their academic advisor, their roommate, a friend, or even a doctor. Emotions play a big role in college; it can either make or break a student. College students have a tendency to establish who they are or who they want to become during their college years. Their identity can go as far as their appearance, social life, adults they look up too, how they respond to others opinion, self-esteem, and their personality. Establishing identity in college can also be a hit or miss. Establishing identity plays a huge role in a college student’s life. Some students believe that partying is a way to establish a part of their appearance to others. Then there are those students that believe making good grades, and getting their career goal set is what will make their identity. Establishing identity can be hard for a person, especially if they feel the need to impress everyone