Essay about Ideology: Thought and People

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What is an ideology? Is it the way in which people think about the world and their ideal idea of how to live in the world? And does it affect our outlooks on it? These beliefs were addressed by many authors such as Arthur Miller in his play The Crucible, Clementine in his article ‘Ideology in Children’s books’, and an unknown author on a blog in his article ‘Disney’s Ideology’. Ideologies are formed when individuals go with the flow because in society, we blindly follow what has been presented to us. Some ideologies are formed when you are little especially that children have not formed any beliefs at the particular time of their lives. They might believe in anything that’s been presented to them. Some of these beliefs are shown through most of children’s books. In ‘Ideology in Children’s Books’ by Clementine, it was revealing that most of these books consist racism and violence. Clementine addressed that by saying “It is actually denouncing the issues of racism and violence” (Clementine). To tie it back to the thesis, parents usually do not notice what’s been shown to their children so they deny it, even though they know that it is building beliefs in their children’s minds. In ‘Disney’s Ideology’ by Unknown, The author tried to show that Disney instills within a girl or a boy the ideology that they need to fall in love in order to live. The author said “….It is underlying themes that lead young boys and girls to construct their ideologies of gender role…” (Unknown). This idea towards gender role will grow in their minds without their parents knowing about it, which bring us back to the thesis. Society goes with the flow no matter what has been presented to them. In my opinion, the main point of these articles is to show how society especially parents will not go against their children’s books because without them, their children will no longer have anything to entertain or educate themselves. On the other hand, ideologies almost always hurt the innocent party. In most cases, some ideologies are hidden and that is the main reason society blindly follows them even though these ideologies hurt others. In The Crucible, The ideology was that people in the town of Salem believe that some people especially the poor are compacting with the devil. This idea was the main reason for the death of a lot of innocent people. People like Judge Danforth and Reverend Parris blindly believed in that idea. Others just went with the flow. In ‘Ideology in Children’s books’, the idea of ideologies hurting the innocents was not shown in context. In my opinion, the victims in those children’s books are the children themselves. They do not have full knowledge of what’s been read to them, they blindly follow what those books say. This will come to effect when they get older, they will not be able to separate fantasy from reality. The author explains that by saying “Ultimately it is the parents who should instill their children with the proper ideologies and the ability to separate fantasy from reality” (Unknown). That ties us back to the