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We as a world cease to believe that homelessness is a problem. Policy changes had a large impact on the problem and have been documented in America since 1640. During this time homelessness was seen as a moral deficiency and nobody cared. It is a very complex social issue with many variables and unfortunately, for those experiencing homelessness, the impact of the values of the 1640’s will continue to be pervasive. Albert Einstein once said “the significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them”. There are multiple causes of Homelessness including societal and constitutional reasons. For whatever reason many people feel that homeless people are entirely to blame for their own miserable situation when that isn’t always the case. Most people become homeless due to situations that have overwhelmed them combined with the lack of family support, others like teens, often lose their houses due to a hazardous, abusive, or non supportive environment in the family. Other situations such as domestic abuse, divorce, unemployment, or illness can lead to people finding themselves without housing as well. Our own beautiful people without a roof over their head can vary from our innocent children, teenagers, average aged people, elderly, and even disabled people. Everyone and anyone is a victim in this case. There are so many reasons behind homelessness and its sad to know that people go through this. Divorce costs and the lowering of a family’s total income can cause one or more family member to become homeless. For families that can hardly pay their bills, a serious illness or disabling accident can push them onto the streets. Today the rapid loss of jobs has caused a great amount of people to live without a roof over their heads. Along the lines of those homeless leading things are also addiction to alcohol, and drugs, mental disorders, domestic violence, and health crisis’s as