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Dedicated building space for human activities (such as offices, pubs, theatres) will no longer be necessary in the future because modern communications are allowing most human interaction to be done remotely or online. Discuss.

With the current emphasis on modern communications such as mobile phone, online chatting and social network server, many people are thinking it is not necessary for people to go to the places which are specialized for human activities in the future. They believe that modern communications would instead of the dedicated building space. This essay will discuss this topic from the following two aspects. On the one hand, modern communications which is the most pervasive and persuasive of modern technologies play a pivotal role in the society. An increasing number of people are beginning to use modern communications to touch other people at present since it boosts efficiency of communication. Compared with going to a special space for social interaction, modern communications make our life either less time-consuming or more economical. For instance, people get and swap information as soon as they can, with paying a small amount of money. However, modern communications can’t do every things and some people are overly dependent on modern communications also causing some problems. To be more exact, modern communications couldn’t give people the same feeling which they can get from the pubs or theatres. Further, if someone wallow in modern communications, lack of face-to-face communication will ensue which rendered people’s relationship unclosed. On the other hand, dedicated building space is the cornerstone of human activities. In people’s whole life, they should take a huge number of activities…