If You Are Smarter Than Me

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Maybe you're smarter than me,
Or maybe you just know how much your worth?
Or maybe you don't need anyone to tell you you're beautiful
Cause you already knew that the day you came out the womb
Maybe you know too much, or maybe you just expect the worst
Or maybe you aint trying to be nobody's baby unless he speaks with your dad first
Maybe you're saving yourself for heaven cause you can't stand this earth
Maybe you're saving yourself from hell, Iblis and the ones who are cursed
Maybe you see past deception, maybe this world is a lie
Maybe we're like in the matrix, but you're unplugged and you can fly
Maybe you just wanna go back home so you stare at the sky
Maybe you know the difference between living and just being alive
Maybe you are a slice of this life's ultimate prize
Cause maybe your mind has been divinely designed
But maybe it's just me or maybe its maybeline
Or maybe I should do a better job at lowering my gaze but honestly you're amazing
And I treat you like a queen cause you give me no choice
My sister in deen it is time to rejoice,
For you who believe and work righteous deeds,
There is a garden of bliss, for all of eternity
If only you would believe what your eyes could not see
Which begs the question what is beauty?

Maybe it's the way her bodies shaped or the way she's dressed?
But if everyone was blind, how many people would you impress
The best couldn't care less for tight jeans or a short dress
Or those shirts that expose what God told you to protect
And I don't mean to sound rude, but how could you approve of any dude
Who doesn't mind sharing the whole world with you?
And he don't think you're beautiful, he think your booty full
Glossed lips with make up on every single cuticle, and it aint cute at all
Cause if those shoes hurt your feet, why don't you just take them off
Some girls think that pain equals sexy, and if you got it show it off
But nobody even looks happy with those plastic smiles on
And those magazines are wrong, forget men and their songs ****
Love yourself first before you take anyone else on,
And to love yourself is to love the one whom which all love belongs
There is beauty in creation, but creator really got it going on
There is something seriously wrong, with pre-teens in thongs
And middle aged moms who cant see life move on
So they tell wrinkles to be gone, buy hair to make it long
You cant keep it real, cause you dont even know who you are
You women are oppressed, forced to flaunt your thighs and chest
And before puberty, you already on a diet
Promoting nudity, like it's some kind of natural science
But you're a diamond, I