If You Notice A Change Of Condition In A Resident, What Would You Do?

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Licensed Nurses Competency Test

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1. You walked into the dining room you noticed a resident slumped over her wheelchair, having difficulty breathing and with food around the mouth. What do you do?

a) Put resident back to bed after wiping mouth, ask if he is ok then leave the room. b) Leave resident and call 911. c) Check resident’s airway, check for breathing, oxygen saturation, check vital signs, obtain crash cart, suction to remove possible objects in airway, auscultate lung sounds, stay with resident, check code status and delegate someone to call 911. Notify MD and responsible party, document all change of condition and assessments in resident’s chart. d) None of the above.

2. If you notice a change of condition in a resident, what would you do?

a) Monitor him for a little while. b) Pass the information on to the next shift. c) Perform a complete head to toe assessment, obtain vital signs, notify MD and responsible party and accurately document in nurses’ notes. d) Ignore change.

3. You have performed an assessment of a resident having a change of condition which indicates intervention is required. Choose the best scenario.

a) Tell the oncoming nurse about the change but she has to take care of it because you got too busy. b) Tell the resident to let you know if the problem persist and you will let somebody know. c) Call the MD ASAP