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Recently, I was given the privilege to go to my sister’s classroom, Miss Snyder.
She currently teaches Kindergarten and has 24 lovely kindergarteners in her classroom.
On this certain day, Erica Taylor and I went and read, If I Built A Car, by Chris Van
Dusen. To me, this book is easily lovable by children for many different reasons. Also I think that it appeals to both boys and girls so this allows them all to pay attention or connect to the book a little easier. This specific book is about a little boy named Jack who realizes that his car isn’t all that great. So he decides to work through the night and come up with a car that will blow everyone’s mind and have features that no one would even think of.
While reading the book, the children’s eyes lit up and started laughing when we read all of the features that Jack’s “dream car” had. We decided to do a post activity for this class.. After finished reading the book, we had them all go back to their seats and we gave them all a sheet a paper that had an empty box at the top and lines underneath. We had them draw what their “Dream Car” would look like and then write all of the specific features that their cars would have. After completing all of the drawings they went around and shared all of their ideas. Some were similar and some were very “off the wall”. After everyone had shared their cars, Erica and myself shared our “Dream Car” and they loved this! The especially loved it when they had some of the same ideas that we had.
From this classroom, I learned how important it is for the…