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If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

It is indeed a natural occurrence to realize certain consequences that follow a series of events that have transpired there after . Although an expected eventuality , it often comes only after some random realization but surprisingly in minimal insight hit you the hardest after you have picked up the pieces of the simple things in life . For me , it came during my childhood experience of taking up classical piano lessons

It was a Saturday Morning

, which as long as I could remember back then should be devoted in exercising freedom of children to play outdoors but instead , it has been reversed by parental decree . I was happy to be free from the school week , but I sensed that something was amiss . I was denied entry to the wonders of playing outdoors and instead kept within the confines of my home to meet my piano teacher . Thus , I began my journey to a more refined character building , as my mother would put it back then . Numerous concerns were rolling though my head as the hour draw nearer : Will every Saturday after this be the same as today Are all the Saturdays to follow a non participatory play day ritual Why did my parents choose `piano ' of all things ' Why can 't I play outside ' How can I escape ? Skip the lessons and play instead

The doorbell rang and echoed throughout the whole house . I told myself to be ready . My mother positioned me in front of the door to welcome the culprit behind all this . As the door opened towards me , there she was and to be honest , I was terrified at first . As she introduced herself to my mother , I slowly tried to shed the fear building up in me . As my mother introduced me , her strict , stern aura filled the air , and I have to say it was interestingly yet irritatingly…