Igl 101 Week 5 Assignment

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Case Manager Comments: Kimita, the last weeks have been very tough for you. You have been struggled with your classes which are not going very well. Dr. Tan, Roberto, and I are working to keep you in good track with your academic life, but we need your part as student. Last week, you worked just for few hours on your papers and assignments which is not helping to make up your grades. Missing classes also jeopardize your final scores. Do not miss classes.

ENGL 101 – English Composition I: Your instructor has told me that you missed classes last Friday and today (Monday, November 9th). I sent you an email advising you to not miss classes. Missing ENGL 101 classes could have a negative impact on your grade. Your overall grade for this class is 218/300 72.6% which is a C for this class. This is your instructor’s report for these weeks:
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She has turned in most of her work this last unit.

ZOOL 115 – General Biology: Your overall grade to date is 179.3/305 58.78% D. These are your grades you got from the last two weeks:
Exam 2 32.2 / 80
Quiz 6 8 / 15
Quiz 7 0 / 15
Quiz 8 2.5 / 15

ANTH 204 – Latinos in America: You have not turned in your Midterm Paper # 1 which was due on October 4th. Your instructor kindly gave you an extension, but you have not finished it until today. Your next Midterm Paper # 2 is due this coming Sunday November 15th. Meet with your tutor to finish both papers during this