Ignorance In The Crucible, The Indian Massacre, And Hitler

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Ignorance, being the “lack of knowledge, understanding, or education”, can many times be used to help shield the minds of people from the terrors of the real world. But to be shielded from problems does not make them go away. The issue has the ability to get worst and grow larger; instead of trying to be stopped it is allowed to roam freely as people turn a blind eye and do nothing to prevent its magnitude. Throughout history, the deaths of dozens to millions of people have been the result of the ignorance of people to realize that just because they aren’t part of the problem doesn’t mean they can’t fix it and that one can decide when another group of people are inferior and if they deserve to live or not. The Indian Massacre, and Hitler’s rise to power, the Salem Witch Trials and “The Crucible” are three historical events where people’s inability to understand the ways or actions of others lead to the deaths of many people. Before the Europeans came to North America, it was inhabited …show more content…
In Salem, Massachusetts 1692, hysteria broke out with accusations of witchcraft. Where around two hundred people were accused and twenty people were executed. Arthur Miller’s, “The Crucible”, creates a version of the Salem Witch Trials where the accusations of witches all began because of a lie started by a girl, Abigail Williams, who wanted to continue an affair with a married man, John Proctor. Abigail and the other people of the town start accusing people who if convicted would benefit the accuser. The people of Salem didn’t understand that the accusers could be lying, so the courts convicted people based off of false or no evidence, while the people of the town stood by and watched as accusation and execution happened without even questioning the illegitimacy of the trials that were leading to the deaths of innocent