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Crystal Robinson
ENGL 1003
Final Essay

Jasper Chase is a young successful Author who is a resident of a small close nit college town named Raymond. Jasper has one successful book and is said to be working on a new novel. He also attended the First Church of Raymond where he accepted from the Rev Henry Maxwell to pledge himself, earnestly and honestly, for an entire year, not to do anything without first asking the question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ and after asking that question to yourself to do as you think Jesus would. Jasper Chase had fame and fortune but what he was truly searching for was love and acceptance. Jasper Chase has a personal transformation that is not a particularly good one.

Jasper Chase is in love with
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He had asked himself a thousand times, "Would Jesus do this? Would He write this story?" It was a social novel, it’s purpose was to amuse the readers. Its moral teaching was was not Christian but it wasn’t bad either. Jasper Chase knew that his story would probably sell. He asked himself again. "What would Jesus do?" He felt that Jesus would never write such a book. The question obtruded on him at the most inopportune times. He became irascible over it. It was obvious what he was writing this book for. He was not poor,so he was not writing this book for the fortune it would bring. But he did desire the Fame it would bring to him as an author. He still kept asking himself But what would Jesus do? The question plagued him even more than Rachel's denial of his love. He questioned himself over and over again.Was he going to break his promise? "Did the promise mean much after all?"
As Jasper stood by his window, Rollin Page came out of the club house just opposite. Jasper noted his handsome face and noble figure as he started down the street. He went back to his desk and turned over some papers there. Then he came back to the window. Rollin was walking down past the block and Rachel Winslow was walking beside him. Rollin must have overtaken her as she was coming from Virginia's that afternoon.Jasper watched the two until he could no longer see them. Then he went back to his desk and began to write. When he had finished the last page of the last chapter of his book it