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Writing the essay seems like the hardest part of the assignment, but sometimes coming up with a catchy title can be just as challenging. However, organizing your thoughts can save you a lot of time and frustration and help you find a wide selection of potential titles for your essay.

Let’s say your essay is about the controversial call made by the replacement referees in the Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football game. Fill in the template with ideas about the essay’s theme, your potential audience, some good buzzwords or phrases, and quotes:

| |Idea 1 |Idea 2 |Idea 3 |
|Theme |The negative impact of replacement |The need for the return of regular |The game-changing impact of |
| |referees on the NFL |referees to the NFL |replacement referees on the NFL |
|Audience |Fans of the NFL |Green Bay Packers fans |Sports writers and commentators |
|Language |Miscommunication |Lack of experience |Integrity of the game |
|Phrases |“Tipping Point in Negotiations” |“Tragic Day in the NFL’s History” |“Faulty Decision Making Process” |

Using a combination of ideas from the template, create a list of potential titles for you essay: 1. Miscommunication Causes Fans of the NFL to Champion the Need for the Return of Regular Referees