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Iletha Miller
Shondria Woods-Mcafee
July 19, 2015

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Dyson is a private company in UK, known for its distinctive electrical appliances especially vacuum cleaners. The company is based in UK and sells myriad of products like vacuum cleaners, desk fans, washing machines and hand dryers. The global operations of the company include countries like USA and Japan. Dyson ranks at number four among its major global competitors and is run by a sole owner, Jack Dyson, who is also the founder of the company. Dyson products can be found in over 65 countries and counting. It took Jack Dyson over five and countless numbers of prototypes before he came up with his winning product, the bag less vacuum cleaner. The company’s system’s framework is an essential feature that makes it a good employer and offers a good environment for the employees to work in. Tasks
Dyson is a company that focuses on excellence and thus each of its products are designed to pass several iterations and thus perfect in terms of design and engineering. The functional attributes of the products are related to the technological specifications to achieve a product that is impeccable and is aimed at resolving a particular problem of the consumers. The company reached at 100 million pounds in revenue in 2005 (Shepard, 2010).

The people at Dyson are selected on the basis of their acumen to understand what is required by the target customer rather than just fitting into the status quo of the already existing products. At Dyson, design experts relate the functional attributes of the product to the impeccable design features which gives them absolutely distinct look and feel.

Dyson counters its competitors through the distinct capabilities which are design features, vertical integration and innovative technology. Dyson has a responsibility – shared with its suppliers – to ensure Dyson machines are manufactured in good working conditions ( According to Powel (2001), “This is because of the dynamic nature of this industry and hence most of the competitors need to churn out new and attractive features with sleek and modern look for every product (875–888).

Dyson believes in having full control over all its functions and supply chain and thus the company has…