Essay on Illegal Drug Trade

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Jessica C Aviles
Mr. Jason Frazier
English 111
March ___, 2013
(Insert title) The governments should test for illegal drugs before receiving any type of assistant. I believe the governments should require mandatory drug testing for illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, PCPS, etc.., in order to receive assistants. If people have the money and can afford to buy illegal drugs then I think they can support themselves and their family. The governments will be saving money by testing for drugs before receiving benefits. A lot of time people won’t get a job because their drug test can back positive. This way the government isn’t wasting their time and money. By mandating a drug test, more jobs will be created. By creating jobs, you will also help stimulate the economy. More people will try to get jobs knowing they won’t receive benefits. The people are needed to run the tests, read the test, and any other clerical work. With all these roles, jobs will need to be created when to help pay for all these new jobs. I understand a major argument is that mandatory drug testing is a violation of privacy. Many people will claim that there is no reason to test every person. People will also say that you need probable cause to require a drug test. Many people will feel that it is a violation of privacy, giving out such sensitive material. Such sensitive material should not be the government’s business. In conclusion, I believe the government should…