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An immigrant is a large group of noncitizens which includes foreign students, migrant’s workers, permanent legal residents, and illegal documentation.
HEALTH CARE In United States, we have two health care systems. The public and private insurers,
Despite of these, there is a debate between immigrants and native-born residents whether immigrants should receive health care system. In view of this, the immigration policy centre in 2009 also suggest that increased immigrant participation in the United States’ health care system yields monetary benefits because of immigrants and noncitizens in the health care system, that is more tax dollar would be available to alleviate the financial strain of social security and medicare.
In a publication by associated press states that most of these several million children will be lifelong Americans and are more likely to be productive adults if they receive support now.
Last November, Arizona voters approved a measure requiring state employees to report illegal immigrants to federal authorities if they apply for certain benefits. Advocates for immigrants say the results is that many parents, fearing deportation, do not seek services such as health care or food stamps to which their U.S.-born children are entitled.
In addition, immigrants contributed a number of tax dollars to fund public benefits, yet they don’t have access to them which make it unfair when talking of equally access to health facility. The current state of health care access is not the true reflection of national interest. Because immigrants inclusion in getting benefits is very important in servicing the increasing population.
Moreover, in 2003, the federal government proposed funding hospitals to cover emergency treatment for uninsured and undocumented immigrants, but requiring patient of their citizenship statuses. It was taken later because of a belief that such a policy would delay immigrant from seeking health care unless in a very difficult situation. Furthermore, there is also fear and distrust that immigrants have, especially those without documentation, from actively accessing health care services. They fear because they have a notion of risking deportation or becoming ineligible for citizenship. Although the immigration and Naturalization Service stated that accessing Medcaid benefits does not mean you are not allow to residency status, many immigrants are not updated and perceived otherwise.
In a nutshell, the reforms has immense benefits by addressing the gap and existing benefits to naturalized citizen but still the disparities exit with some estimated figure of 3.7 million adults remaining uninsured because of undocumented status.

In United States, we have two educational systems. The public and private schools
In view of that, there is a debate between immigrants and native-born residents whether immigrants should receive education system.
Others in a view that illegal immigrant in America should be required to receive a public education like the rest because when they are educated, they take part and play a role in our society by becoming a productive, law-abiding, tax-paying citizen. Having privilege of being an active member of our society will allow them to contribute not only to our society but as well as the economy otherwise would be counterproductive.
Moreover, others view is that, they are illegal