Illegal Immigrants Should Be Illegal

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English 1302.001

October 28, 2013
Work to be legal Now a days any time that anybody think of an illegal immigrants Peoples mind goes almost automatically to Hispanics coming over from Mexico. The fact is there are actually a lot more illegal immigrants then just the Hispanics from Mexico, these immigrants from other countries are not in the quantity that the Hispanics are but they are illegal none the less. It doesn’t matter what country that they come from what matters is the way that they are in the country and whether or not they are actually contributing to this country’s economy or if they are taking advantage of the convenience of our health care. If these illegal people are here to better themselves and make a better life for their families then it should be made easier for them to be made legal so that they can really contribute to this country’s economy properly. Everybody just assumes that when someone comes to America illegal it more than likely because of something that they are trying to escape from some kind of crime that they did or escaping from the dangers or criminal’s that might be in their country. For the most part some of that statement is true, for example in Mexico there are a couple of groups that are member of the Mexican cartel, the Mexican cartel is multiple groups of people that make and sell drugs along with other illegal substances in the proses of doing this the groups fight amongst each other to gain the most power. This fighting has got a lot of innocent people caught in the middle of this drug war and suppressing amount of people has gotten killed because of this. Multiple areas in Mexico are extremely dangerous for people to live, seeking safety some of the Hispanics escape to America to avoid being caught in the fire fight. The high risk of danger is only a small part why some of the people come to America a very big part of the group of illegal immigrants are actually looking to better them and their family’s life’s, the United States of America has a whole lot more opportunities that these countries that these people are coming from offer. Their at least one man that for a fact is in the American work force making a better life for him and his family, his name is Pedro González he came to this country almost 20 years ago illegally and has been working in construction ever since. The reason that Pedro came to this was so that he could provide for his