Illegal Immigration Essay

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Parash Pijar
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Mr. Finkel Illegal Immigration to the United States of America For survival individuals need to feed themselves and to do so they are required to make an earning. However, for most individuals around the world making this earning not as easy as it is for the ones living in highly developed nations around the world. Thus, people from poor or third world countries and second or developing countries migrate to fully developed nations or first world nations such as the United States in order to achieve a higher standard of living. However, over the past couple of years there have been massive amounts of people illegally migrating to the United States of America. Illegal Immigration is defined as the act of sneaking into a country without the proper paperwork or permission. Individuals involved with such a act are usually people who are in desperate need of money in order to support themselves and their family members back in their home nation. Most citizens of the United States have a very negative opinion on illegal immigration; however their views are totally debatable as these illegal immigrants are hard workers and are willing to take on jobs that a normal citizen would not. They also rent houses and apartments which contribute to the economy. Nonetheless, about 66% of the citizens are still against these immigrants and their lifestyle. [pic] As there are positive sides to illegal immigrants, the negatives seem to overshadow them completely. Statistics state that in a daily basis about 12 Americans by an illegal immigrant. This is a type of number which adds up to a massive amount over time. Illegal immigrants are also mostly involved with crime related activities such as drug trafficking, dealing,