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Problems with illegal immigration in the United States

In America, the illegal immigration problems have reached a tipping point. Illegal immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that is contrary to the immigration laws of the destination country. Mexico is considered to be a major contributor with the illegal immigration problem in America. In Today’s society, there are between 12 and 20 illegal immigrants in the United States. Many illegal immigrants know that the U.S. government won’t do much if they are wanted for a serious crime because they can simply escape to their home country. Presently, Illegal immigrants are causing a lot of problems for Americans like crimes, using our resources, and their anti-american attitudes. One reason illegal immigrants are causing problems in America is because they are committing a lot of crimes. “These dangerous criminals are fleeing are fleeing the law in other countries and seeking refuge in the United States (Taylor 1)”. Many of these crimes include homicides, food poisoning, and attacks on border patrol and law enforcement agents. Between 2009 and 2011, Obama released illegal aliens who went on to be charged with 19 murders, and 142 sex crimes. It’s understood that in Los Angeles 95% of warrants for homicides were for illegal aliens. Many people were not only brutally murdered by illegal immigrants, but some were food poisoned. Border patrol and law enforcement agents have been attacked and beaten by illegal immigrants crossing the border, day and night. Other crimes such as identity theft, untaxed wages, and voter fraud are being committed by illegals in America. With all the crimes being committed, its really starting to cost America. In one of the recent cases, a man was arrested for a crime committed by an illegal immigrant who had stole his identity. According to the federal government, they 10 million Americans have their identity stolen annually. Because these aliens are not working legally in America, their wages are not taxed and it is costing us even more. Voter fraud is a real problem from illegal immigrants because Americans should be the only ones voting for a president in our country. Having illegal aliens in our country is taking away resources from Americans as well as legal immigrants. Overpopulation is starting to occur as well as deprecated wages for the working and legal in our country. With taxes coming out of our paychecks because we work, its becoming very unfair. There are more children to go to school and more taxes to come out of our paychecks to pay for the free school system that we have in the United States. Illegal people are getting food stamps and using welfare to their own benefit while there are many Americans going hungry and on the streets. Who should really be getting these benefits? With all of these extra people in the country, overpopulation is a problem. Its a problem because there are higher birth rates and lost American jobs. There are a lot of overcrowding schools, hospitals, and prisons. The average cost of educating a single child for one year is $7,524. Each illegal immigrant is taking away from us. A lot of illegal immigrants have anti- american attitudes, they have no respect for american culture and are a threat to our country. In the year of 1994, we were having a problem with foreign flags being waved around all over America from mostly illegal aliens. 70,000 people marched into the Los Angeles area waving mainly Mexican flags in the air. This protest was due to a