Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay

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Seven months from now, this country will have a new president. The two hopeful primary candidates are Donald J. Trump and Hilary Rodham Clinton. One of the biggest topic and problems that this country is going through is illegal immigration. Every year the number of illegal immigrates that migrates to the United States keeps increasing. Every year illegal immigrates take a huge effect on our economy, crime rate, and the effect of our nation. Do we want them to gain citizenship or have them be deported? Since 2009 the United States of America is estimated to have 11,900,000 illegal aliens living in our country. These illegal immigrates take a huge effect on our economy. Every year, the United States spends $79,698.800 a year on illegal immigrates Fiscal Cost. Not only are we spending large amounts of money on them, but they are taking away our jobs from those who are legal citizens of this country. For this country, our goal is to protecting or jobs and our wages. Congress has a limit on the amount of legal immigrates …show more content…
“In 2003 there were 46,000 criminal aliens in federal prison at cost of $1.3 billion dollars” (Hayworth 31). When these illegal immigrates are coming over the border, they are bring illegal firearms and illegal drugs to the United Sates. Sneaking drugs and illegal firearms over the border leads to gang violence. Gang violence from the inner cities has gotten a lot worse. These gangs will hunt down and kill anyone that will walk in their way. Many of them work together and inside and out of the United States, especially the countries they hail from. Many people think not all illegal immigrates are not criminals, which is true. Many of them are hardworking people trying to support their families so they can not worry about dealing the problems they were going through back where they came from. But statistics show that a large amount of illegal aliens are, from their criminal