Illegal Immigration Persuasive Speech

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Out in the world today there is a lot of immigration that occurs. Yes there is legal immigration, and yes there is nothing wrong with that. However there is still a problem. It is the illegal immigration that occurs. People from other countries such as Syria come to America, which is an example of immigration. Majority are either illegal immigrants or a refugee. A refugee is a human who has been forced to leave their country. Right now, at this current time there are a lot of Syrian refugees that are coming to America that really do not want to be here. An illegal immigrant is someone who migrates from one country to another that is not a citizen to that country or does not have a legal document such as a visa.
Here in America Immigration is a major problem. There are many people in America that are either an illegal immigrant or a refugee. It needs to stop. Some are violent, some are bad, some are here just to collect federal money, and some are terrorists. Now really, would you want a terrorist living in your country? I know that I would
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By doing one of those two things you are illustrating that you do not want to be here, so get out of America. If you are just here for the so called “perks” then please leave. Know yes probably two-thirds of refugees and illegal immigrants are good people and want to be in America but there is that other third that needs to not be here. The refugees and illegal immigrants that want to be in America need to get the American citizenship and then there will get legal documents to state that they are legal and are a citizen of the United States. The refugees and illegal immigrants that are in America that are just here for the “perks” need to leave immediately and go back to where you came from or somewhere where you actually want to be. However, there is a solution to