Essay Illegal: Immigration to the United States and Huron daily Tribune

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One Way Ticket Out of The United States Americans have to pay to live in the free country called America. They do so by paying taxes, that money is then disbursed in order to help improve communities, pay the wages and benefits of government employees and used towards government assist programs. When immigrants come to America they can cause problems for U.S citizens. While Americans are paying taxes, illegal immigrants simple collect the benefits. They are using the money that American citizens pay into for taxes and causing the United States fall even farther into debt. The immigrants are not all law abiding and cause some general problems with the citizen of America. We as Americans spend billions of dollars for immigrants to be here. They are provided government assistance for example, medical insurance, housing, food assistance and court system. “There are approximately 700 thousands immigrants that cross the border to America each year. As immigrants over in America they can get government assistance, we spend 2.5 billion dollars a year on medical insurance, 10 billion a year for the housing, 1.9 billion dollars a year on food assistance like the Michigan bridge card, WIC, and free school lunches, and we also spend 1.6 billion on the court systems”. (Livingston , 2009) Immigrants cost the United States money that the country does not have. On top of the immigrants taking the governments money they are also causing trouble within the government. Some immigrants do not feel the need to follow laws such as wearing their seat belts when they dive, not drinking and driving, driving without a license and of course those who are in America illegally. They are not only causing these problems all over the United States, it can be noticed on a local level right in Michigan’s thumb area.
According to the Huron Daily Tribune “a farm in Colfax Township had illegal immigrants working for the operation. The owner of the operation is a legal immigrant who was employing illegal immigrants. There were eleven immigrants that were immediately deported back to Mexico, while two tried to fight deportation. The Farm was paying social security to fake numbers, which left money wandering. The farm owner ended up paying a large fine for having illegal immigrants working on his farm”. (Langley, 2007) This is a prime example how immigrants both legal and illegal our impacting the lives of American citizens. An immigrant comes to the U.S. and sets up operation. That is excellent, in a troubled economy such as that of the U.S. more job opportunity is always beneficial. And then the downfall, rather than hire legal citizens who are looking for work, they hire illegal individuals who don’t pay taxes and who will likely use tax payer’s dollars in one way or another.
Another great example was also printed in the Huron Daily Tribune recently. Just this month an immigrant was arrested for domestic assault. “He and his 21 year old girl friend, who was a legal U.S. citizen were fighting the night before the report. This young woman along with another were present at the time of the alleged both women were involved with Mexican immigrants, neither of the young women knew a whole lot about their significant others, due mostly in part that the men could only speak Spanish while the females could only speak English. In fact the second woman, pregnant, was unable to give basic information of the man she was involved with. When the police came to the door he was not at the farm where they had been staying. The officer found another individual that spoke both English and Spanish, this man helped the cop find the man involved with the domestic issue. When the cops asked the man for id he said that he lost his wallet, the cop told him that he was under arrest for domestic assault. The cop asked the farm owner for information to make sure that he was not illegal, when they ran the information they found out that the man was an illegal immigrant and was