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Should Euthanasia be Legalized? Over the past summer, I was assigned to take care of my grandmother who is very old and ill. Suffering from dementia and depression, my grandmother’s mood and disposition constantly vary that is merely unpredictable; even though she has medicine taken, it makes her sleepy and lifeless. But very often I listened to her as she says, O let me die, O let me die, either in sleep or when awakened. I cannot help but wonder were a person conscious of his condition as my grandma who cannot eat, drink, move, urinate, excrete, and identify herself, would he embrace the grace of death? Would he commit suicide or beg for assisted one to relive the burden on his family and society? Current system of law in Taiwan has not legalized euthanasia. However, in 2000 legislation drew up Hospice Palliative Cure Act (abbr. HPC) which to give less pain, more care for patients suffering from terminal illness, doctor prescribes alleviating drugs, and by the explicit will of a patient written, patient could choose to accept CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) or DNR(Do not resuscitation)in urgent situation. The difference between euthanasia and HPC lies in whether or not the action is intentional. Both are aimed to relieve patients from present physical and mental state. Nevertheless, the legalization of euthanasia concerns people having terminal illness and dysfunctional problems. It’s a burden to family financially and emotionally, to society economically, even possibly to patients themselves. Therefore, I believe any individual has every right to live and, if possible, to choose to die. Also, under certain circumstances to extremity that a person has been sick of living whatsoever, it is justifiable and merciful to put an end by the hand of some authorities like licensed doctors. My grandmother stands as a perfect example of an unhappy