Illness And Ill Health

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similarities for m1 both linked to social class and say that ill health can make up or clash on the social scale e.g higher class more likely to be linked to better health they both describe how ill health affects people and the social classes both say you will get ill n matter class your in both say men are ore likely to get ill not going to GP/smoking both talk about how social classes affects their lifestyles e.g money, where you live (lifemap) diet, area lived, lifestyle choices, social mobility, smoking differences social talks about becoming ill and how it affects a person going up and down the class hierarchy cultural theory believes class consists of an indidivudas behaviour if they change lifestylethey can go up hierarchy cultural middle class have less bad habits compared to working class (manual job/smoking) social says we have less control due to area we live in social= social class is uncertain, cultural says we stay in our social class can move up and down social class states that illness is the oinly way to go down the social class ladder whereas cultural suggests range of factors

m2 similarities both explain illness and ill health both aimed at saving lives of patients and both look at the diagnosis and how totreat both provide counselling both play a role in educating society on how to prevent against disease occurring differences medical - drs diagnosis where as with s model anyone can diagnose s model tends