Essay about Ilm Level 3 Unit 328 Understand How to Lead Effective Meetings

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Unit 328:- Understand how to lead effective meetings
AC 1.1
Explain the purpose of a meeting

Staff meetings

The purpose of regular staff meetings helps an organisation become much more organised and efficient and places both employees and managers on the same page, it makes it easier to establish roles and collaborates to finish projects and achieve goals. They make it possible for all members of a company to work together with less confusion and accomplish objectives faster.
They cover a range of relevant information, and provide a platform for employees to ask questions and discuss concerns with management enabling staff to offer ideas and solutions directly to managers and team members within the company. Staff meetings inform
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If not then consider leaving them off the list, has the person been valuable in meetings of this nature before and can the individual work and communicate well with other people in the meeting. The idea is to have only the concerned people in the room, working as efficiently as possible to reach the desired outcome quickly.
AC 1.4
Describe how to prepare prior to a meeting

Inform everyone about the meeting through posting, email, SMS, or letter, include the venue, date, time and agenda so that everyone attending will be prepared..
Prepare your materials; go through the meeting’s agenda. If a new strategy or vision is going to be proposed make sure there is an illustration of it.
Assign tasks, assign someone to take the minutes and who will speak and deliver information, and ensure everyone is aware of their roles. Study any documents (including minutes of the last meeting) that you have access to and research anything you don’t understand.
Think carefully about what you are going to say on each item on the agenda and prepare brief notes.
Practice how to handle it as there are many responsibilities. A day before the meeting, update everyone about the meeting. People in charge of tasks should be updated hours before the meeting or while preparing for it.
AC 2.1
Explain the roles and responsibilities of the chairperson, the secretary and individuals at a meeting

The chairperson is responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned