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Good morning class my name is Chris and today I will be talking to you about an on going issue, bullying. Bullying is not acceptable in any cases no matter what. I am against bullying and always will be. The issue in the media recently has been that Several recent bullying incidents have raised questions about whether schools are doing enough to protect their students and weather or not website administrators are doing enough to stop cyber bullying.
What is bullying? Bullying is the repeated use of negative words or actions by a more powerful person or group against a less powerful person, causing them distress or harm. There isn’t just 1 type of bullying there are several, that include cyber bullying, physical bullying and physiological bullying.
There have been a couple incidents in the media lately which include A 15-year-old boy was severely beaten in an attack at a Warrnambool school that was filmed by classmates. The boy had, been pushed into lockers and bins, and had banana squashed into his jumper. Warrnambool police said the two students involved in the latest assault, aged 15 and 13, now face criminal charges.
In another incident, a 12-year-old boy needed surgery to reconstruct his eye socket after being punched at a Noble Park school.
Also earlier this year, a 17-year-old girl suffered abuse by a group of students at Kerang Technical High School. Over 18 months, she was spat at, had chairs thrown at her and regularly had her schoolbag hidden. As a consequence, she suffered depression, eating disorders, and needed psychological treatment for depression.
There are ways to prevent these types of attacks. In the first incident in the attack at a Warrnambool school if there had been maybe a parent on duty acting as a