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Chapter 11 Essay Susan is a good example of how some branches of “intelligence” are not related to each other. Although some people who are talented in some areas also tend to score higher on intelligence tests that is not always the case. People can strive in certain areas and struggle in other areas. Intelligence being defined as the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations, but this is not necessarily always how people view it. Some may see intelligence as only something that measures how well you do in school, and some people see intelligence as every skill or adaptation that you have faced in your life time. There are many different psychologists with different ideas of what intelligence truly entails but in Susan’s case it is difficult to tell. Although Susan doesn’t score too highly on high school tests it does not dictate whether or not she is “intelligent.” She could do poorly for various reasons: she could not have time to study, she could be a bad test taker, etc. Susan could be very intelligent in the subjects that she’s taking in school and still do poorly on her tests due to these reasons. There are many various reasons for her doing poorly in school and saying that she is not intelligent would be a poor way to describe her. She could also not be intelligent in things that she’s not interested in or she just doesn’t have time to study all the things that are in front of her because of the demand of her from piano and ballet. If Susan truly is “bad at school” then she proves to psychologists that some of these intelligences are not necessarily connected or can be correlated. Susan is extremely intelligent in musical aspects but maybe not necessarily in academic aspects. There are so many intelligences in the world that just saying one person is more intelligent than someone else can almost never be implied. Some may be more intelligent in one aspect than another, but someone else also may be more intelligent in that aspect.…