Im So Totally Close To You Analysis

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Heather Whipp’s article “How Gutenberg Changed the World” discusses about how in 1455, Johannes Gutenberg's introduction of the printing press revolutionized the modern world as it allowed the opportunity for mass production and thus creating accessible information to the vast population. It allowed for the menial task of print to transform into a simple process. It changed the method of print forever. Today, there exists a feat of modern technology that has had as much, and if not then more, of an impact to our world as the printing press. Akin to the printing press, the introduction of the Internet has made access to information and ideas more convenient. Furthermore, it has also allowed for information to be accessed instantaneously and …show more content…
Take for example, with many people posting personal work online, anyone can repost it and claim it as their own. Despite copyright laws existing, this does not stop many from illegally downloading movies or music. The article “I’m So Totally, Digitally Close To You” by Clive Thompson, is about the introduction of Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed to Facebook and how it revolutionized social media. Every friend on social media one has will have immediate access to new information they share as a result of the News Feed. This potentially compromises one’s privacy. What’s more, with so many people being on social media, there exists possible malicious encounters such as with scammers and predators. There are even instances where someone will steal another person’s identity! By posing as someone they are not, unsuspecting victims are lured in and abducted. Moreover, in the deepest realms of the Internet, there exists a restricted world known as the “Darknet”. According to, the Darknet is “a routed allocation of IP address space that is not discoverable by any usual means.” The contents of the darknet are diverse, ranging from illegal drugs to child pornography. If there is anything that should be considered a true negative about the online systems, it would be this. Fortunately, it is totally illegal to access anything from the darknet and cannot be found through Google searches. Speaking of drugs, the Internet can be a problematic addiction all by itself! Writing an English class essay can be very difficult with all the distractions of social networking, seemingly endless hours of cat videos, and other services that the Internet has to