So Where The Hot Australian Advertisement

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Image Two
Image two portrays the way in which Tourism Australia uses Australia’s vast, natural beauty to appeal to, and allure the attraction of, the overseas tourism market and, in particular, young, Europeans who are in search of adventure in the land down under.
The use of the dense bush connotes a sense of both leisure and adventure. Through the use of such a stereotypical image, which supports Australia’s stereotypical love of the outdoors, the producer is instantly able to appeal to the viewer’s sense of thrill and adventure.
The use of the man, tiny in comparison to the dense bush surrounding him, emphasises the enormity of Australia’s dense bush land and connotes a strong sense of curiosity within the viewer, who wishes to experience this adventure first hand. However the man’s warm clothing may shock and surprise the viewer, as it goes against the hot Australia that is often portrayed to tourists in advertisement campaigns.
The colloquialism adopted in the advertisement “So where the bloody hell are you?” persuades the viewer to feel as though they are expected to join the man in the bush. Tourists are positioned to feel like this is the place to be and that if they aren’t here, with this man, then they are missing out on something significant. The desired response would greatly appeal to young, European adventures who are seeking a new land to explore and make their own.
The advertisement supports the ideology of adventure and the dominant belief that